“We are Drift. A small, passionate team dedicated to creating pioneering cameras accessible to everyone – not just the daredevils – so anyone can share what makes them great.”



“We are a collection of entrepreneurs, corporate misfits and designers crazy enough to think that one day we will be recognized as the leaders in the category. From our humble beginnings selling competitors’ products to then beating them in product reviews with our own cameras, we believe we’re well on our way.”


“We champion the creativity and innovation of the challenger. We want to help capture their rise; their rebellion against the status quo. We appreciate the unseen; the hard work and dedication behind making great things happen.”


“We want to set the stage for your most creative ideas. Our technology is designed to be so simple, intuitive and unobtrusive that you don’t even realize you’re using it.”


“We believe in great design and being the first to develop innovative new features.”


“We believe in creating what you need, not what we want to sell you. We don’t push gimmicks and flashy new technology that sounds great but you can’t use.”


“We love customer feedback, it drives us to improve. Good feedback is great, but bad, though painful is what fuels us to better serve you. Good or bad, we want to hear from you so please get in touch. Help us be the best we can be to better serve you.”


“We are dedicated, we are passionate and we are hungry.”


“We are Drift.”