The Pinlock Fog Resistant System was developed by Derek Arnold. Mr Arnold started the company in 1980 as a motorcycle accessories distributor in The Netherlands and in 2000 the company dropped all other business activities to focus on the development and marketing of fog resistant systems.



Pinlock lenses were introduced in Europe in 1997.


The Pinlock lens was chosen as the best innovation of the year in 1998, beating out 1000 other entries. With over 3,000,000 units sold in Europe, many of the major helmet brands offer Pinlock as a standard for their helmets.


The Pinlock system is based on three basic principles which together, work like nothing else:

1: Moisture absorbing material

Unlike the face shield, the Pinlock insert lens is made out of a soft, porous plastic.

2: Material thickness

Because thicker material absorbs more moisture and offers more impact protection.

3: Double lens system


The air-tight pocket in between the Pinlock insert lens and the face shield creates an extra insulation layer further increasing the anti-fogging properties of the total system. Pinlock lenses are created out of a moisture absorbing plastic. The silicone seal on the lens creates an airtight pocket between the shield and lens. The lens is placed between two adjustable eccentric pins, making it easy to install or switch lenses as weather conditions change.


Pinlock lenses are offered in 5 tints:
Clear: Your best friend in any weather type, clear vision, no compromise.
Dark Smoke: For bright sunny days, and just remove to stay legal when returning home after dark.
Hi-Definition Yellow: Gives you that high contrast in misty and rainy weather.
Amber Orange: Offers high contrast and enhanced low light image resolution.
Light Smoke: Lightly tinted for sunny days.