This is the stuff that keeps you safe, dry, warm and in the summer, cool. It’s important stuff. We’ve got plenty of choice & even more experience. If we wouldn’t wear it – we won’t sell it.

What’s the best kit for a going to work in the winter or having a blast on a track day? Let’s be honest there’s tons of kit out there, Bob and her team are all experts in every aspect of Clothing and Helmets. Between them they have years of experience helping riders to get the best gear they can afford. The stuff we sell is a direct result of that experience.

When you’re in store they’ll help you personally to get the best kit you can for your budget. In the store we have bikes you can sit on so we can check that your armour is in the right place when you’re actually on a bike. Our whole store is fully air conditioned so you don’t get into a sweat when your trying stuff on and yes, you can swing a large cat in our spacious changing rooms.