We have a massive range of gloves and you will find that you will probably need, over time, to own a number of pairs so you are covered appropriately for all riding conditions.

Thick warm waterproof ones for the winter, lighter ones for the summer. But gloves are not just for keeping your hands warm, if you come off they are likely to be one of the first parts of you to hit the ground, which means they need to offer good protection too.

In order to get the most out of your gloves you need to make sure they fit correctly and the best way to do this is to try on as many different brands and styles as possible – pop in and ask for some help.

Things to remember when trying them on are:

– If they are leather, over time they will stretch and soften…

– When trying them on, clench your fist and open your hand, try and replicate the
actions you will be doing when riding to check they are comfortable. If you are
in-store hop on one of the bikes and give ’em a proper try out…

– If the gloves contain armour make sure you are happy with where the panels sit
and the flexibility it offers – out team will help you out with this…

– Make sure you are happy with how the gloves are secured, you don’t want to be
messing about trying to get your gloves on as the rest of your mates ride off !!